Common Misconceptions about Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments are getting popular day by day. People are preferring it more than any other types of accommodation options. But still, there are some misconceptions that exist in people’s mind over Serviced Apartments.

Serviced Apartments are too expensive: – This is a very common misconception that people believe about the serviced apartment. But, if you do a little research and ask from anyone who has lived in the service apartment, he will introduce you to the truth.

Serviced apartment actually costs approximately 30% less than any hotel with similar facilities and of the same size.

Home Comfort is just a Hoax: – This is the another misconception that people believe. For them, serviced apartment is just a fancy and classy word of a hotel and they are just made up to allure customers. This is absolutely wrong.

The serviced apartment providers are totally dedicated and committed to provide their customers with a home like experience. Staying in a serviced apartment gives you the privacy to work, cook, relax and sleep in the comfort of your own personal space.

Serviced Apartments are not easily available: – Nowadays you can find serviced apartments almost in any city and the plus point is that majority of them are centrally located. With the growing trend of serviced apartments, everyone is investing in this business and you can easily find their locations online.

Serviced Apartments are not efficiently staffed: – People often say that there are not sufficient people in serviced apartments to take care of your need.

Well, the fact is totally different from this. There is a team of people from a bellboy to the manager available 24/7 at your service so that you don’t face any trouble.

Serviced Apartments are only for corporate travelers: – Well serviced apartment industry is an ideal accommodation for both leisure and corporate travelers; they are ready to cater to any type of travelers.

Service Apartments do not provide Kitchen supplies: –  A serviced apartment includes fully equipped kitchen with all the cookwares available such as cooker, microwave, dishwasher, fridge and washing facilities etc.

Serviced Apartments provides no security: – Serviced apartment providers use the best security service and use the latest and updated technology to safeguard their customers from any problems.

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