Perfect Vacation

How to book the perfect Vacation in Delhi?

Planning a holiday to Delhi is a real task when you are going with your family. While going with family, you have to take care of everybody’s mood, preference and comfort. The major issue comes when you have to book an accommodation. It should match everybody’s taste and interest in terms of rooms, food, services and amenities. You have the greatest responsibility on your shoulders to keep everybody entertained and comfortable. One single mistake can lead to a nightmare for you. So it is very important to book a perfect accommodation which brings instant smile on everyone’s face and you can take a sign of relief while going for a vacation with your family.

So what are the things that one should consider while booking an accommodation for holiday? What makes a perfect vacation for your family? Lets find out below:

* Search online and offline for the best accommodation: It takes effort to choose the best accommodation when you are going for a holiday with your family as it has to be the perfect for all the members. Your children might be looking for some outdoor or indoor activities, or teenagers might be needing separate room for their privacy. In this case its very difficult to meet the demands of each member and would burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, booking a double or three bedroom serviced apartment will prove cheaper and comfortable for you. In an apartment, you will get 2-3 bedrooms along with separate kitchen, dining room, living room, terrace and attached bathrooms that ensure privacy and comfort to great extent.

* Pay Attention To Everybody’s Entertainment: Holiday trip is all about fun and leisure. Everybody wants to have some good time. Therefore, entertainment comes first and rest all becomes secondary. Although its hard to keep everybody entertained throughout the trip, still get ready to go an extra mile in order to make the trip enjoyable and unforgettable for all. Focus on kids who need some extra attention and care during a holiday trip. Give them their own favourite activity or room so that they can enjoy without cribbing about the things.

* Check-out Services & Amenities: In order to ensure a big smile on your children’s face, make sure that the service apartment which you are going to book has enough services to entertain your kids throughout the holiday. Prior to the booking, check indoor games, sports room, spa, swimming pool, round the clock Wi-Fi connectivity, gaming room, personal kitchen with chef, laundry room, personal chauffeur and many more services that keep you busy with entertainment and make your holiday trip super comfortable or enjoyable.

* Choose An Apartment Which is Easily accessible To Major places: This is the most important pointer that one should take care of while choosing a serviced apartment for a family holiday in Delhi. While travelling with family one has to make sure that hospital, markets, shopping malls, theatres should be in the close proximity to the apartment. Therefore, it is very important to book an apartment which is in the heart of the city or easily reachable from all major places.

We are confident that by following the above tips, you can make your holiday trip with your family highly entertaining, enjoyable, comfortable and memorable. However, we would like to reiterate that accommodation is the most important element of any holiday trip. If you will book the right accommodation as per your family requirements then half of the battle is won. So always pay attention to the accommodation in order to spend the best holiday with your family. We at Olive can assure you that our serviced apartments will be your perfect choice of holiday accommodation in Delhi. Do give us a shout, and we will be happy to create a customized stay package for you!