What is a Studio Apartment?

What is a Studio Apartment?

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is a small apartment where the kitchen, living area, and bedroom are all combined into a single room. The kitchen may either be located in the central area divided from other areas along one wall or may be located in a small separate room. The bathroom has usually its own separate small space.

Relative to different forms of apartment available, studio apartments are the most cheaper form of apartment available for rent. These apartments are also known as studio flat or bachelor apartment in some countries.

Studio Apartments are available in different sizes. The average size of a serviced apartment is 500-600 square feet in size. They can also be as small as 300 square feet and also can range up to thousands of square feet.

These apartments are an ideal choice for bachelors, students or for anyone who spends quite a lot of time away from home and needs some staying place in an affordable rate.

You can live comfortably in a studio apartment if you organize it properly. Keep furniture like a futon sofa that can be used for multiple purposes. A foldable dining table also works well in a studio.

An alternative of Studio Apartment

Those who find studio apartment to be a little too small can go for a one-bedroom apartment.

The basic difference between one bedroom apartment and a studio apartment is that the one bedroom apartment has a separate space for the bedroom area, living room area and the kitchen area. While a studio apartment combines all into a single room.

Anyone looking for a low-cost apartment to rent should first consider both these apartments and choose one accordingly to his requirements.

Advantages of Studio Apartments

  • A studio apartment is a great way to save money on rent if you don’t want to live in a sharing apartment to save money.
  • Save money on utility bills as a small space is cheaper to heat and cool, and the entire place could be illuminated with a single light placed in a central location.
  • A lot easier to clean and maintain since there’s little space for clutter.