Why Business Travellers Prefer Serviced Apartments over hotels?

For business travellers, accommodation is more than just a place of relaxing, it is a place to live, work and feel at home. Serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular among business travellers because of the fact that they offer home like stay along with hotel-like comforts during long-term stay.

Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartment is known by many terms worldwide like boarding houses, apart-hotels, long-stay hotels and many more.

In general, a Serviced Apartment is a fully furnished apartment which provide hotel like facilities and make you feel like you are staying in a home by providing facilities like well equipped kitchen, living room, etc.

Other services by serviced apartment include frequent housekeeping, 24*7 security and laundry facilities for residents. Wifi and and telephone connections are also available, as they are the most frequently requested amenities by business travelers.

In addition to these amenities, serviced apartments are usually more spacious than the average hotel room. Unlike the hotel rooms, serviced apartments have multiple rooms which is great if you are travelling with your team.

Reasons Why Modern Business Travellers Choose Serviced Apartments

Traditionally, hotels were the primary accomodation place for business travelers, but the steady growth of serviced apartments have made organizations realize its benefits over the conventional staying place.

As business travel has evolved to include more global assignments and extended stays, the needs of business travelers have evolved too. Serviced apartments will continue to thrive and be ideal accommodation place as travelers seek more space, amenities and a home-like environment.

Focusing on the needs of business travellers

Business travellers actively seeking out serviced apartments have long since they discovered its benefits over hotels, including cost advantages. For example, an overnight stay in a 3-star hotel costs way more than a serviced apartment with the same facilities along with high quality interiors.

Compared that to the overnight stay of four days in the hotel and the saving potential is more than 40%.

Here are just a few more reasons as why business travelers are choosing serviced apartments as their preferred accommodation:

#1 Fully equipped kitchen

A serviced apartment includes fully equipped kitchen with all the cookwares available such as cooker, microwave, dishwasher, fridge and washing facilities giving guests the option to cook whatever whenever they want.

#2 Plenty of Space and Convenience

Serviced apartments are available in all sizes, ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments, so guests can choose one according to their requirement and live comfortably.

On an average, a serviced apartment has up to 30% more space than a standard hotel room.

A typical one bedroom service apartment is around 2x the size of the average hotel room.

#3 Comfortable home like environment

A serviced apartment is designed keeping in mind the need of travellers to provide them a homely environment along with hotel like facilities.

Staying in a serviced apartment gives you the privacy to work, cook, relax and sleep in the comfort of your own personal space.

#4 Cost Savings

Serviced Apartments provide a better value than standard hotels, particularly for longer term stays and that too in an affordable price.

Guests can also minimize their extra living costs by cooking their own meals and not run up additional bills on meals, drinks, laundry and other services usually offered and charged by hotels.

#5 Offers Flexible and Customized Solutions

Serviced Apartments fulfill almost all the needs of business travellers, providing them personalized accommodation solutions .

For urgent project work, you can also maximize your stay without any hassle unlike hotels where you usually have to book before.  

#6 Location

Most of the serviced apartments are situated in great locations. They are generally centrally located within the city which makes it easier for you to travel the whole city.