serviced apartments for medical tourists

Why to choose serviced apartments for medical tourists?

Why to choose serviced apartments for medical tourists?

Medical tourist often searches for a place that includes the following factors:

  1. Hygiene and comfort
  2. Proximity to the hospital, other amenities
  3. Cost effective as family members may also be staying
  4. Special food requirements and ability to cook
  5. Adequate transport, housekeeping, and special needs

Serviced apartments fulfill all these factors and make serviced apartment a better bet for medical tourists than hotels.

Here are several reasons to choose serviced apartments for medical tourists:

1. Close proximity to hospitals

Top Serviced apartments are generally located in prime locations of the city that gives an easy access to hospitals. Further, such a centralized location also ensures an easy access to supermarkets, transportation, medical stores and other commercial complexes. Staying near the hospitals make it easy for the patient and his family to easily commute to hospitals that ultimately save expenses.

2.  Privacy, comfort, and convenience

Medical tourists need staying place that is hygienic, peaceful and offers a relaxing environment for their quick recovery. Serviced apartment is an ideal option in that case for medical tourists. Most of the top serviced apartments are private, non-sharing and self-catered. They are also fully furnished and come up with its own fully loaded private kitchen and living room that ensure a comfortable stay. Considering the different food needs of the patient and family, one can cook one’s meal without relying on unhygienic food.  

3. Cost-effective

Medical tourists often have to stay for a long period of time due to their medical requirements, staying in a hotel can cause a hole in your pocket if you are accompanied by your family. Serviced apartments are a cost-effective option for medical tourists with all the basic amenities of a hotel. It costs 30% less than any hotel with similar amenities and of the same size.

4. Flexible multiple occupancies

Serviced apartments are available in all sizes i.e; Studio Apartments, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom & Three Bedroom Serviced Apartments. Since a medical patient is often accompanied by one or more people, you can choose any of these serviced apartments as per your finances and needs.

5. Services on hire

Serviced apartments provide you with the facility to hire services such as maid, cook, nurses, physiotherapists, medical equipment, laundry service etc. as per the requirements of a patient. Such a facility helps family members to take complete care of the ill family member and helps in his quick recovery.

6. Emergency Assistance

Serviced apartments are professionally managed and come with a 24-hour emergency support system. As an emergency may happen at any time, it is a boon for the family.

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